Feb 3, 2009

Chinese New (niu) Year 2009

A tiring Chinese New Year of mine, BUT the very 1st of Juin Junior, Ivan...

As usual, me and my hubby went back to our hometown, Kemaman for CNY. And we have a new member, Juin Junior went back with us this year! Yay!!!
I would said that we are lucky and thanked God that we are from the same "kampong".
I am so glad that I could even enjoyed the reunion "lunch" with my own family; and reunion dinner at my husband side.

This year, my dad didn't prepare us his special yam pork dish -- Woo Tau Kow Yoke . It was so yummy... My dad is disable due to the stroke since April 2008.. BUT, we are glad that dad is trying hard and is now able to walk slowly, better and better... *You are a great dad, papa!*
Anyway, my younger sis made the dish for us for the very 1st time, and we really enjoyed and appreciated it much. **shh! Papa Made is much more delicious**

I was extremely tired during the days. On our way back to Kemaman, Ivan refused to sit in the car seat whenever he's not asleep... he was too active to jump, to climb and to grab this and that, making me dizzy and feeling like to throw out... I surrendered and volunteered to drive! *beh tahan*

Ivan was the busiest people during the CNY holidays... he was "entertaining" our relatives and friends here and there... And I experienced the very very tiring CNY too, being a full time baby sitter! People said I would lose weight for having a hyperactive kid... Well, NO, I gained weight again!!! *Sigh*

hmmm... now, I'm back at work, but my system seems still in "holiday mode"... feeling drowsy. "HELP! I need a TRUE HOLIDAY!"

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