Oct 13, 2008

♥ my little Ivan is calling "papa"... ♥

9th Oct 08 Thu
Today, I was so surprised that my baby Ivan has expanded his baby's vocabulary... he was calling "papa"... I thought this happened "accidentally" coz my little one is quite talkative, speaking baby language all the time, and he is really enjoy talking and playing with his voices, hehe... he's used to "split" out new words though... "papa" - It's really a bit different this time, I'm so excited!
10th Oct 08 Fri
Today, I went to baby sitter's house to pick Ivan up as usual... I was too excited to tell the baby sitter about the good news. She told me that Ivan was calling "papa, papa, papa" when he was playing alone in the afternoon... Woops! That's real... it's not a coincidence, Baby Ivan is calling "papa" now! Unbelievable, baby Ivan is aged 6-months...

I just can't wait and share this joy with my hubby immediately in the car... I called him for coming home earlier. However, baby Ivan had falled asleep when his papa is home.

11th Oct 08 Sun
Today, would be one of the most unforgettable day for me and my husband... Ivan called his father "papa" after playing his "rolling game" early in the morning! His papa said : "call papa!" Ivan did it successfully after trying a few times to pronoun it! He repeated "papa" 3 times... Well Done boy!


yinyee [Evlynn] said...
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yinyee [Evlynn] said...

ask him to call 'yinyee jie jie' next time..lol

SeLyN 。姫 said...

must be very cute~mayb u can try to post the video of ur price calling "papa"

siewlee said...

yeah...must capture this Precious Moment! was too excited and forgot everything... btw, will upload the video when it's ready...well, gotta wait papa bc from outstation duties on Thu...

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